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enforcement sources tell nbc news the bombs were built to act like homemade ieds. sources tell nbc news the bombs included a battery pack and "the boston globe" reports investigators recovered a part of a circuit board at the scene. the bombs were packed with scha shrapnel. the bomb was not capable of creating a massive blast. instead, its main purpose was to maim and injure. photos obtained by whdh in boston showed the area where the bomb was left moments before and moments after the detonation. the fbi is looking at these photos and others like them for clues as to who placed the bombs and when. now there is precedent for devices like these. in 2004, the fbi sent out a memo on the use of homemade pressure cooker bombs. al qaeda's online magazine gave instructions for making them just last month and in the 2010 attempted attack on times square, one of the devices found included a pressure cooker and 125 firecrackers. meanwhile, the search of an apartment belonging to a foreign student injured in the blast has so far turned up nothing and he's not considered a suspect at this point. yes
outside beth israel medical center. i'm joined by nbc news national investigative correspondent michael isikoff. michael, with a welcome to you, let's get to who gets to question tsarnaev and does that happen while he's still in the hospital? what do you know on that? >> reporter: well, first of all, we understand that charges -- criminal charges may be filed against him as early as today. possibly this afternoon. we're waiting to hear on that. which does make this a bit tricky because normally in a criminal process you are entitled to be read your rights, you're entitled to know that you have a right to counsel, and, instead, as you have indicated, the administration is going to invoke the just -- the justice department is going to invoke that public safety exception to the miranda rights and try to question him by its special intelligence team without informing him of his rights to lawyers and there's already some pushback on that. the aclu, i just got a statement from them saying that this is a denial of rights to an american citizen. it's un-american, and we have to be very cautious
>> announcer: "terror in boston." this is "nbc nightly news with brian williams" reporting tonight from boston. >> well, good evening from boston, just a few blocks from where the explosions rocked the finish line at the boston marathon yesterday. it was a shocking event in the life of this city. today receiving, of course, widespread coverage as yet another terrorist incident in our post-9/11 era. here's where the toll stands tonight. three dead, 176 injured, 71 people are still hospitalized. 24 of them in critical condition. among the dead, a boston university grad student, an 8-year-old boy, martin richard, from dorchester and 29-year-old krystle campbell. we learned today the president will be coming here on thursday for an interfaith service. at the white house today flags were at half-staff, and we heard again from the president who, for the first time, used the word "terrorism" to describe what happened here. >> the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. >> reporter: the president in the wh
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hope they'll talk about progress in the manhunt. >> nbc news did report earlier today several ieds essentially around metro boston, which is a chilling fact. as you can see from the feed of the press conference, we are getting closer, at least, to this briefing and we do look forward to some more information. obviously this remains an absolute security story. it is an immigration story. it is a geopolitical story. we'll talk more about the geopolitical chechen relations story. there's the mayor. let's go to brian williams with a special report. >> this is an nbc news special report. here's brian williams. >> let's go direct to boston, the latest briefing just starting this moment. the governor, the mayor, other officials, the latest on the investigation. >> good evening, everybody, and thank you, all of you, for your patience and to all of the viewers and listeners in the area who have also been very patient. i'm going to have colonel alvin give a quick update on what we can say about the ongoing investigation. i'll have a couple of comments then about the stay in doors request, an
-year-old girl. nbc news national investigative correspondent michaels i cough is in boston, ron allen outside boston's beth israel medical center where the suspect and many of the victims are being kept and kristen we willinger at the white house, let's get to the latest on investigation. for that, we turn to michaels i cough, again, in boston. what is the fbi focusing on today and moving forward? >> reporter: federal prosecutors are focusing on drafting a criminal complaint we could see as early as this afternoon, detailing the criminal charges against him supported by an affidavit from an fbi agent that would lay out some details of the plot. not all of them but could provide crucial new information for us about what tsarnaev actually did and raise and shed some light on whether the fbi think there is are any accomplices or not. at the same time, have this high-value intelligence interrogation team that is planning to question him as early as they can without reading him his miranda rights, the standard rights you see on every crime show. mandated by the constitution are not going t
, investigative reporter for w nbc here in new york. what is the latest you have? in particular, can you bring viewers up to speed on travel that tamerlan, the older brother, who is now deceased has done recently? >> last year from january through july he left, flew out of new york's kennedy airport and flew to russia and spent six months overseas. whereabouts unknown. they're desperately trying to track those movements to find out was he just going back to visit relatives or did he go to engage in some sort of terror training or rad dalization? that remains unanswered at this early stage of the investigation. that is one piece of the puzzle. the other question or these documents that we've obtained show that law enforcement really didn't get on to their trail till recently because based on the travel warnings, they weren't date stamped till 6:00 a.m. this morning on both the brothers. so it's clear they really weren't on the radar screen anytime before in terms of law enforcement. so people always ask, where there any warning signs? were these people -- did they do anything that would raise t
for that update. for more, we are join by nbc news terrorism expert roger cressey. thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> picking up on the reporting we have this criminal charge which talks about the use of explosive devices resulting in death and destruction of property as well as the narrative, separate from those criminal charges. just about what these suspects now called bomber one and bomber two, were up to. what does that tell us beyond what we already knew about how the government is looking at this case? >> well, the complaints are a pretty compelling narrative of what they did. and there is plenty of evidence they identified in the complaint that will be used in federal court. clearly the video surveillance footage will be key to this. there is also plenty of other evidence. some of it was found at the university of dartmouth, university of massachusetts dartmouth dorm room. and all of that will be brought together. what you see is a pretty complete picture of how these guys went about the bombing on monday and then the narrative of what led up to tsarnaev's capture on f
but authorities say his condition has improved to fair today. authorities also tell nbc news that he has cooperated with them so far. he's told investigators that he and his brother acted alone in last week's bombings at the boston marathon, they had no contact with overseas terrorist groups. that's what he said. he said the brothers built the bomb with guidance from an online publication put out by the al qaeda off shoot in yemen called "inspire." it's written in english with instructions on how to build a bomb used last week. tsarnaev told authorities the motive for their attack has to do with their religious fervor, he and his brother, and anger over the united states' wars in afghanistan and iraq. meanwhile told we're seeing new images from that dramatic shooting in watertown at 1:00 a.m. friday morning. they come from an eyewitness whose apartment overlooked the fire fight. the brothers are seen there crouching behind a car. at least one of them seems to be firing. the car on the right is that mercedes suv that was carjacked earlier in the night. in this last photo, by the way, the
. >>> joining me now nbc news justice correspondent, the man who has been leading our coverage all weeklong, pete williams, former director of the national counterterrorism center and now an nbc national security analyst, michael leiter, a former fbi agent, mike rogers, former secretary of homeland security under president bush, michael chertoff. and in just a few minutes we'll be joined by the assistant majority leader dick durbin, but i want to begin here with pete and mike liter on the latest in terms of what we're tracking. the big question at this moment is was there a foreign connection to terrorism? what do we know? >> well, we don't know the answer to that question. the big gap here is what was the older brother doing in russia for six months last year? he leaves in january, arrives in july, and the russians have told the fbi that they were a little worried about him. but what was he doing during all that time in russia? his father says he was visiting him, that he went to see his family, went to renew his russian passport while he was awaiting american citizenship. he was here as a
education, one child at a time. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, orlando. >> nice to have a few good stories. >>> coming up, turning your home's klutt >>> good morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. new information about the busted bolts on the bay bridge. caltrans missed a chance to test the bolts before they were installed. "san francisco chronicle" reports caltrans engineers actually ordered the test in 2008. the agency was concerned about the supplier's quality control but the tests were never performed because the contractor in charge of the bridge questioned whether they were required. last month more than 30 bolts cracked after being tightened on the new span of the bay bridge. want to check the morning commute with mike. how is it looking out there? >> busy as you would expect at this time on wednesday. the coliseum, the right side, congestion northbound, commute direction. your map will show you the same thing for 880 and 580, although 580 less traveled. that's good news. new crash off the interchange, lafayette, may cause sloping. chp arriving. 680 starting to calm
straight to nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams, in washington. pete, there's been a lot of back and forth this afternoon. straighten it out for us. what have you heard about a potential person of interest and where are we in this investigation? >> well, what we're told is that the pictures have been quite valuable. that they've found from a surveillance camera on a building -- and this makes sense if you think about the building surveillance camera being up high so that it can look down on the crowd and get a sort of bird's eye view. that they think that they see a picture of exactly what they're looking for. someone setting down a backpack or a duffel bag and then walking away. that's the kind of picture they're looking for. they have seen a face on that picture, we're told. they're now trying to figure out who that person is, find them and question them. that's where it stands right now. we're told they don't know who that person is, but it's a rapidly moving investigation. i'm sure everyone would like to have this whole thing wrapped up by the time the president gets there to
you so much. we're going to be checking back in with you. nbc news's correspondent is on the scene at boylston street. we have just received new video that we have not shown before. new video from aptn that clearly shows the second blast. we have been able to see the first blast on the video today, but looking at the second blast. i want to bring in now michael lighter, ms nbc news security analyst, former director of the national counterterrorism center. thanks very much for being with us, i appreciate having your expertise to tap this evening. >> good to be here, rachel. >> can you give us, i guess any sense of context for understanding how sophisticated, how big these types of bombs were compared to the other types of explosive devices that are used in attacks around the world. can you give us understanding of the size? >> it's difficult to estimate but something like a suitcase or medium backpack could carry 50 pounds of explosives and provide a lot of damage for a radius of 150 feet out. they look like they are smaller than that, which would fit with the description they might
to bring in james cavanaugh, nbc news law enforcement analyst and former atf special agent in charge. and with us -- he's with us from nashville. here with me in the studio, robert mcfadden is a former senior ncis official and senior vice president at the suffan group. james, i have to ask you, we've seen so much wild speculation recently. we've seen photos on the cover of the "new york post" that we're not going to show because they turned out to be wrong. how much of that actually ends up harming an investigation by creating sort of false starts? >> well, it is complicated to an investigation, and the commanders, you know, have to wrestle with that in a big media case like this. the even steady reporting is good because it kind of keeps it on the level, just like you saw pete do, it's very pragmatic. so it's difficult to deal with it when you're running a big case like this. for example, the d.c. sniper. we had a lot of issues like that as well. you know, the frenzy to get the story first out. you know, it's not really a necessary -- it's better to get it accurate. this case is mov
on the boston marathon bombing case right now. nbc news has learned that investigators have obtained video of a person placing a black bag down near the scene of the blast and that authorities are looking to question that person. the footage has been described to nbc as providing, quote, solid leads in the case. as we told you last night, the fbi found black nylon bag fragments at the blast site and believe that's how the devices were transported to the scene, they've also recovered pieces of the pressure cooker bombs and the press has received official fbi photos of those fragments. we can also report tonight on the identity of the third fatality victim, she was a chinese citizen and grad student of mathematics and statistics at boston university. she was an only child and her parents had declined interview requests because, quote, every time we speak about this, it is like a dagger in our hearts. she was watching the marathon with two other students, one was injured in the explosion and is in stable condition. there are still about 60 people in boston hospitals who were injured, 12 still
with waco pd telling nbc news that "i can tell you there are hundreds of individuals that have been injured. some are potentially going to be casualties, but no solid number of fatalities or injured." but the reports that we are hearing, again, the number we're hearing over and over again is hundreds. we don't know if that means one, two. we don't know the full extent of this. we are hearing reports that a number of patients are being treated at area hospitals for burns, that they are treating burn victims at this time. and then a number of patients, at least 38 at one facility alone, are considered seriously injured. we also know there's been extensive damage to buildings surrounding the explosion, that the force of that explosion damaged 75 to 100 buildings in the surrounding area. we've shown some video this evening of a nursing home that was extremely damaged. they had to evacuate that facility altogether. and so rescuers are going door to door to try to reach the wounded. those who may have been injured by the secondary damage, if you will, the force of that explosion that destroyed so
. rachel? >> kristen welker, thank you very much. nbc news white house correspondent. great to have that perspective. i want to bring in now from boylston street in boston, nbc's carey saunders who's out there in the cold. i understand police are still on the scene right now. what can you tell us about what things look like right there right now? >> reporter: well, it is is pretty much shut down. it will continue to be that way through into tomorrow. the reason that is, the authorities are treating this vast area as a crime scene. it's possible there may be a clue that is not quite obvious in the daylight, perhaps it will reveal itself. and so most of the access in and out is going to be restricted. there's a tremendous presence of police officers here. the boston police department is on alpha bravo shifts. that means officers are on 12 hours. when they go off, officers come on for another 12 hours and they're going to continue that for the nikts cext couple of da. the focus here is to find a suspect or suspects. ed davis, the police commissioner says anybody who believes there's a
did this, and we will hold them accountable. >> joining me from washington, nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker. what is the latest reaction from the white house and white house staff? >> well, lawrence, senior administration officials say the president will continue to be updated on this situation throughout the evening. and right now, they are approaching this as an act of terror. i'll read you the latest statement we have coming out of the white house. it says, quote, any event with multiple explosive devices as this appears to be is clearly an act of terror and will be approached as an act of terror. however, we don't yet know who carried out this attack. and the thorough investigation will have to determine whether it was planned or carried out by a terrorist group, foreign or domestic. that is the question key, lawrence, was this an act of terror carried out by a foreign group or domestic group? you heard in his comments there, president obama making the point that whoever carried this out will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. the president was
investigative correspondent for nbc news. with me here in the studio is nbc news terrorism expert michael leiter. former director of the national counterterrorism center. thank you both for joining me. michael isikoff, let me go to you first. "the boston globe" is reporting that officials have recovered a second -- from the scene of the exploexs. what is your take on that? >> well, the fbi would not confirm that at the briefing we just had. they did confirm there are two devices, both in black nylon bags. search -- pressure cooker bombs. one point that i thought was quite interesting that fbi special agent in charge deloria made, these are heavy bombs. two heavy bombs in black nylon bags at two locations about 75 to 100 yards away from each other that were set off within 12 seconds. it remains an open question whether that could have been done by one perpetrator or more than one to have placed those two bags within a short period of time in this open, crowded area and not be noticed. it does raise questions whether one person could have pulled that off. i should tell you that a couple of other p
a little bit of news. first of all, nbc news is reporting that some fragments of the bomb or bombs are already at an fbi atf analytical center in quantico, virginia, where they ultimately hope to reconstruct both devices, or as much of them as we can. and while there are some grievous injuries here, the head of trauma at mass general says now he is much more confident this afternoon than he was this morning that there will not be further loss of life. three people, though, are dead. the final blocks of the marathon, going down boylston street are, according to people who have run this race, an incredible high, and of course, all of that was changed as you look at the video from the camera of runner jennifer tra treacy, that was shot yesterday. and authorities are looking for any sort of that video that they can get, as they continue to look for any and all types of clues. ge jean schmidt, a former ohio congresswoman, says she can't imagine that finish line being more secure. >> security was outsmarted. that's an unfortunate thing. the terrorists are going to take a path that is the
know at this time. nbc news is reporting that investigators have obtained video of a person placing a black bag down near the scene of that second blast on monday. and then walking away. that footage reportedly came from a surveillance camera at a nearby lord & taylor store. the video reportedly shows the person's face and authorities are looking to question that individual. this afternoon the fbi denied reports from other media outlets that an arrest had been made in the case. meanwhile, investigators today continued collecting forensic evidence from the attack site as they learn more about the bomb used. nbc news reports that the bomb's triggering mechanism was fairly sophisticated. it included a battery pack and a circuit board. both of which were recovered at the scene. investigators also caution that there is no indication at this time of any connection to groups overseas. we're expecting, by the way, a 5:00 p.m. press conference from the fbi and other officials, but that press conference has been postponed. we don't know how long. meanwhile, within the last half hour, the u.s.
done in the right way. >> nbc news correspondent pete williams has an update. what are you hearing regarding this video? >> video and still pictures is my understanding, tamron. >> yeah. >> we may see them today, we may not. this is kind of a back-and-forth thing. it seems, i guess, likely at this point that we will. and it should be clear if they do show these pictures today, these are the people they're most interested in talking to. you know, i don't think anyone at this point is saying the fbi has quote/unquote, found the bombers. they see the faces but they don't know who they are and if they show them publicly, they're going to be asking for public help to identify them so they can find them, talk to them and figure out what was going on there. it's always a difficult job to balance this, tamron, because on one hand the agented would prefer, i'm sure, to conduct this investigation on their own with a lot of tips that will turn out to be wrong but at the same time the longer they way, the more these people would get away or much worse try to do it again. there's competing pres
count on members of the public to help them get this guy. wow. joining us now, nbc news white house correspondent kristin welker. how did the president find out about the capture? >> reporter: rachel, i can tell you according to administration sources, fbi director robert mueller made the president aware of tonight's arrest. this is the phone call that he has been hoping to get all day and really all week, if you think about it. robert mueller has been keeping the president up to date not only through the day briefing him, but really briefing him the past several days during this developing story. the president also held a briefing with his entire national security team early this morning, rachel, he's continued to monitor the swaying. we haven't really heard from anyone from the white house today on camera. that is by design. they didn't want to speak about it because it was evolving, there were so many unknowns. before a top official said something on the record, they wanted to be sure they understood exactly what was happening. i can give you a sense of what was going on behind t
a conversation. >> host: you talk about nbc news after katrina. >> guest: sure. i was lucky enough to interview brian williams, the top anchor at nbc news, few days after katrina hit. he had made covering katrina a priority. he was there for weeks and weeks. did a lot of great work and was really passionate about trying to start a national conversation on race and poverty in america. and thin talked to him five years later and he had to admit, that national conversation didn't happen because people would rather watch entourage, and i understand his point, which is that it's an uncomfortable conversation, and media doesn't cover poverty enough. i think one of the reasons why we saw candidates like mitt romney and even people like -- other g.o.p. stalwarts say that there's 47% of the country that once they get things for free, and wants government handouts. i feel the media has not done a great job describing who the poor are. what is poverty liken your community? what are poor people like? when there are people out there who are working at wal-mart, working at mcdonalds, ups, not necessarily mak
coverage, "nbc nightly news" from boston begins now.
to interview various witnesses and process the crime scene. >> i want to bring in michael lighter, nbc news terrorism expert and former director of the national counterterrorism center and nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. michael, let me ask you about the things we heard at the news conference. hundreds if not thousands of news photos and videos taken at the finish line yesterday, they're particularly interested in ones that were taken, obviously, during, right before and right after these bombs exploded. it seems like an incredible pain staking search, almost a need until a haystack. what in particular will they be looking for? >> well, it is a need until a haystack but at least now they have enough of the timeline to know the period during which they really want to dig in to this media video, photographs and the like. what they're probably going to be looking for is anyone who looks a little bit suspicious. frankly, they don't know what that is at this point and such pain staking work. a lot of what shows up on these photos and videos won't actually seem relevant until they g
nbc news, at the police staging area. do you have a sense how confident police are that this suspect has been restricted to that area? >> it may well be the case. several hours ago, we saw convoys of military vehicles, buses of police and motorcycles and other armed law enforcement officers. all congregating in the staging area behind me across from the mall in a parking lot. it looked like they were preparing for some sort of confrontation if not an assault. there were a lot of sirens going on. that activity seems to have abat abated. they think they know where the suspect is. clearly there was a pretty good sense here watching this that they seemed to be preparing for what could be a very violent confrontation with the suspect or suspects. shortly about a couple of hours ago now, governor patrick came out and we were told that the entire city of boston was under lockdown. that seemed to escalate the concerns. we don't know right now as we have been told, they believe they have the suspect cornered in an area and the second suspect is on this amtrak train. then the threat, a largere
will just have to wait. in boston, nbc bay area news. >>> a million people terrorized by a single man considered to be extremely dangerous and on an unknown mission. just momentsing a, this picture released. the atf tells us, it shows authorities searching the 19 year old after his capture and after nearly 24 hours of being on the run. >> we're all taking cover behind the news vehicles. even the police are taking cover behind their cars. >> it was 10:30 on the east coast when an overrule was ambushed and killed. around 1:00 eastern standard time, police caught up with the car in water town and were attacked with explosionives. after a shootout, 26 year old tamerlan was pronounced dead at the hospital. federal law enforcement descended on watertown and began a massive man hunt. several explosive devices were detonated. they revealed that the suspects were brothers. 19 year old dzhokar was the one on the loose. the uncle of the two suspects urged his nephew to turn himself in, during an interview recorded around 11:30 am. it was 6:00 when the governor lifted the ban. shots erupted again
confirmation. so for now, for our team, we will remain in place. i'm brian williams, nbc news, new york. >>> and i'm tamron hall. "news nation" continues to follow the "news nation." michael is standing by live. michael, conflicting information. you've been in touch with pete williams. what are you hearing regarding solid leads now in this case? >> well, first of all, significant progress has been made. they have identified from this video at the lord and taylor building which is right by the second bomb site, a couple hundred yards from where i am now, an image of an individual who drops a black bag that could well have been used, and they may believe have been used for the bombing. but it's unclear. there is no confirmation of arrest, first of all. that's the first thing we have to say. the image may show somebody who they are seeking to find. in other words, seeking to find someone in that video but it is not clear they know exactly who that is. and it is not -- and it certainly is not clear that they have found that person yet. so they've got significant progress from yesterday. thi
in those states. host: we are talking with mark murray of nbc news. this look ahead at the 2014 campaign. he points out there is a wild card in the midterm elections next year, the president. presidents normally don't inject themselves as aggressively as obama is promising to do. already he has committed to doing eight fundraisers this year and no telling how many next year to help the democrats win back the house of representatives. guest: that is one of the theories that a matter what ends up happening, the midterm election is always difficult for the incumbent president's party. voters always seem to take out their frustrations on any type of things going on on the cumbent party. there's another theory, too. the modern two-term presidents we have had have only had one bad midterm cycle. bill clinton had his very bad midterm cycle in 1994, but then in 1998, right after impeachment, he went unscathed. some democrats are hoping that after we took a beating in 2010, 2014 will not be as bad. if you look at the map when it comes to senate races, the democrats are going to be playing defense
tsarnaev. an exclusive against tamerlan. a source in russia tells nbc news russian intelligence reached out to the fbi last november about the 26-year-old. and crime scene units are back at the bomb site in boston right now. they're placing debris into garbage trucks. crews were seen sifting last night throughout that debris. let's go to pete williams. with a good afternoon to you, pete, let's talk first about the status of the charges in this case and what the likely charges will be. >> yes, i think the odds are pretty good that we'll see these charges in the next couple of hours. they're putting the final touches on them now. and we expect to learn a little more about what the fbi has assembled based on its investigation of the bombing. so perhaps there will be some new details that we'll get. in terms of the charges, i would think at the very least they'll charge him with the bombing, with a terrorism offense for that. and interestingly enough, under the federal statutes, which apply here, use of a weapon of mass destruction, which is the federal law version of what a bomb is, if death r
will hold them accountable. >> counterterrorism officials tell nbc news that multiple explosive devices were found at the scene. security remains tight in and around boston. residents being told to expect a continued heightened law enforcement presence as the city tries to come to grips with a violent attack in the heart of boston. and that was katie davis there with that report. now london's metropolitan police are reviewing security plans for this sunday's marathon after the explosion in boston. the minister told bbc the best way to show solidarity with boston is to continue the race as the french president has stepped up security around public buildings in this country and raised the threat level to red. >>> speaking earlier, it was said the long lasting impact of terrorist attacks are low. >> research into terrorist incidents over many, many years, their economic impact, their direct economic impact tends to be very, very small, indeed. a lot of good research done on this in israel. what i would say is yes, of course, very often the economic cost is largely in how we react. what new meas
to air, nbc news was careful and deliberate. >> what we've been told by several sources, there is no arrest. >> all of a sudden, the story on some other networks began to change. look at the banners on the bottom of the screen. they began rolling it back. >> a third top federal law enforcement official is saying to us now, that makes three, no arrests have been made. >> there's been no arrest and, in fact, a suspect has not been identified by name yet. >> significant progress has been made but no arrest. anyone who says an arrest is ahead of themselves. >> a reporting error in a painful situation is bad enough. especially with victims and families and so much of the court eagerly waiting to see who will be brought to justice for the murders in boston. still, mistakes do happen and we all understand that. but there was another part of this failure that deeply troubled me. it was what the cnn reporter john king said when he was describing the person supposedly under arrest. >> i want to be careful about this because people get very sensitive when you say these things. i wa
locked in their houses and is away from the street. >> what do we know about these guys? nbc news is reporting they have international ties, may have military experience and appear to have been in the u.s. for as long as one year. and they do seem like there are some military ties here to be this well suited to all these things. >> people are already speculating that they might have some sort of military background or training at least that has come in. andrew. >> i was just going to say, the organization that must have been required for what took place early this week but for clearly the amount of ammunition and bomb making -- that'story question, right? >> i would be -- >> and by the way, if they're only searching for one person and they're shutting down all of the subway systems, there has to be a working assumption, perhaps, that there's other things that they potentially need to worry about. >> not necessarily. i think more than anything, they don't want to lose this guy. they don't want anybody wandering into what's out there. the idea of rush hour and people starting to com
a bag at the site that may or may not be the bag that contained the bomb. nbc news also reporting that authorities are canvassing hobby stores because some fragments included wiring and batteries. often the type used in toys. so they want to see whether these things were purchased locally and whether this bomb was made from readily available components. >> the investigation is proceeding at a pace, this is not an ncis episode. sometimes you have to take time to properly put the chain together to identify the perpetrators. >> good advice from the secretary of homeland security. we suspect there will be a long news conference probably sometime this afternoon. >> we look forward to hearing those developments when they occur. there was another major explosion rocking america. it's a still developing story. take a look at these live pictures from the texas fertilizer plant blast. the explosion at the plant has killed up to 15 people, injured more than 160. it was heard as far away as 45 miles and levelled a number of homes nearby. toxic fumes have forced the evacuation of many in that
to gather the latest information. here is what we know so far. nbc news reporting 126 injured 17 believed to be in critical condition. new from overnight police kenned two m questioned two men in a boston suburb. state police did not provide other details. so far, no suspects are in custody. several blocks around the finish line are shut down this morning as investigators search for clues as who was responsible for the attack. federal and local authorities along with national guard assisting to keep the scene secure and interview witnesses. police questioned a man being treated as a boston hospital. but they say he is not a suspect or a person of interest. >> we will find out who did this and why they did this. any groups will feel the full weight obvioustice. >> police want to talk to a man seen leaving the area as well as a person driving a rental truck who tried to enter the area. doogle activated a person finder within hours of yesterday's blast. log onto google/personfinder. >> a resource center has been opened in castle park pla sa to help runners. if you want to get a sense of the
in a boston hospital. >> chris palone, nbc news boston. >> 6:51. time for weather and traffic on the one's. >> tom klerein is here. not too bad a start today. >> we had sunrise at 6:30 and now there is a blanket of clouds coming under the region. we have temperatures in the 50s. there is the sunrise. right now 56 at the airport with a light breeze and mid and upper 50s. as we look at the after noon highs, it is going to be in the 60s and 70s. right near the bay, it will be in the mid 60s. most locations there should make it well into the 70s. the high pollen counts will be in place today and thursday. it will be all the way into the end of the week. we ought to get that pollen watching out. between now and then, highs likelihood of those storms maybe lingering showers cooler weather as we move into the next part of next week. >> good morning. still checking on an earlier car fire past the beltway. shopper four live over the parkway and the beltway. still seeing delays 2.5 miles. approaching the beltway. delays continuing. i-95 a slow trip to the beltway. >> all right. thank you. >> the e
at nbc news who sits around the table with us some nights, has been reporting the second suspect, the younger brother, has been-- they think, maybe, perhaps-- cornered. they think maybe he's in a neighborhood in watertown, and we're still waiting for confirmation about whether he's dead or alive. but that raises the question to me about the breadth of this investigation. how much of it was federal? how much of it was local? how much of it was state? who took the lead? >> well, this was one of these classic cases of a joint terrorism task force. and this is an institution that has really developed in the aftermath of 9/11 where you bring together all kind of law enforcement agencies, all kind of jurisdictions-- local, county, federal, state. they work together as a task force, and this seems to have been-- worked very well in this case. >> ifill: okay, well, in that case we're going to move on. if we get anything new while we're on the air we'll share it with you. the president's week air force complicated one, especially after the senatey jected the mildest form of gun control--
. this morning, new images obtained by nbc news inside the nursing home, torn apart by last week's massive explosion. >> it was just black smoke, it was windows blown out. i think, my god, what has happened? >> reporter: administrator rose anne morris wants the world to know of the heroic efforts by employees, volunteers and first responders who rushed to pull 130 elderly residents from the rubble. has it sunk in yet? >> no. not really. >> you can hear the panic in the 911 calls. >> our whole house, windows, everything it sounded like a bomb and i'm looking outside and there's like a bomb on 35, i don't know what is going on. >> investigators say they found the origin of the explosion but won't say where it is and they still aren't sure what caused wednesday's initial fire. >> we do not have a time line. >> reporter: the fertilizer facility's ownerer says the company is working closely with investigators and pledges to do everything it can to understand what happened. but already some lawmakers are asking whether chemical storage regulations need to be strengthened. but residents wonder ho
, nbc news has learned that these two suspects are brothers. they appeared to have lived in cambridge and what else, alex? 19 years old one of them. with a massachusetts driver's license. and the other is still being sought. we are also getting preliminary information on their nationality. we will hold back on that until pete williams gives us his confirmation. the suspected appear to be brothers and one of them is 19 years old and one of them at least having a massachusetts driver's license. is that the one still being sought? 19 years old and has a massachusetts driver's license. the other pieces of information about these suspects that have come in overnight is they may have military experience and they may have international ties. we are working on that information to confirm it. there is no rush to jum here as as to where they are from on why they might have been doing what they are doing. we will take the information when we get it right. again, suspects are brothers. one of them 19 years old with a massachusetts driver's license and he is the one who is still on the run. he is
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